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Our Mission, OUR VISION

Dr. Paul Given

Dr. Given has been studying health, disease and wellness for nearly twenty years.

He completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition at the University of Guelph in 1988 before beginning a four year post-graduate Chiropractic Doctorate at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

He has been trained in acupuncture at a world renowned government hospital in Columbo, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Given also travels to postgraduate seminars in both Canada and the U.S. several times per year to stay informed on new developments within Chiropractic. Since graduating, he has completed a one year post-graduate fellowship on pediatrics and obstetrics which will allow him to deliver state of the art care to current and future mothers, babies, and children.

His passion is speaking on, teaching about, and practicing wellness based Chiropractic.

Dr. Paul has lived in the Kingston area with his family since his graduation in 1993.

Dr. Sheldon Cook

Dr. Sheldon Cook has a far-reaching passion for life! A true Kingstonian born and raised .

Dr. Cook graduated from Sydenham High School with Honours and a realization that he was destined to make a difference in his community.

His journey of life-long learning took him to Queen's where he graduated with a Science Honour Degree, and from there it was off to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he graduated with Honours along with a post graduate degree in Sports Science and Sports Injury.

Passion for Fitness Includes Sports
His love for sports and general fitness continued to grow during his marathon and triathlon competing. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is only a small part of where Dr. Cook gets his motivation.The true joy in his life is making a difference in the lives of families much like his own.

He and his wife Josey share four wonderful children. It is through his family that Dr. Cook finds his inspiration to create and maintain a community outreach program unparalleled anywhere in Kingston.

This program has a mission of empowering others to live a more meaningful life while adhering to basic wellness principles and establishing good health habits.

Dr. Cook is able to accomplish this amazing feat through his practices located in Sydenham and Kingston. It is his hope that providing these programs will enable individuals to gain knowledge of several wellness concepts and therefore guiding them into a wellness lifestyle.


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