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New Patients at King’s Town Chiropractic Life Centre

Welcome to King’s Town Chiropractic Life Centre! We seek to make your new patient visit as pleasant and seamless as possible.

When you first enter King's Town Chiropractic Life Centre, you will be greeted like family by our wonderful team. We will then ask you for your completed initial intake form that you will have already fully filled out. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment time so that we can serve you better. Once you have given us your completed form, we will quickly prepare your file and get you ready for the initial consultation. Once that is completed, we will take you into the examination room to begin. We don’t believe in surprising you, so we will give you a quick explanation of how the visit will go and exactly what you can expect when the doctor will be examining you. At this time, we will also share with you important information about your body, and specifically your nervous system, so that you have a good understanding of how your spine relates to your overall health. We don’t ever want to miss a thing, so we always view your body as a whole structure, not by its individual parts or symptoms. When you are with the doctor, they will examine your entire nervous system and will be addressing all known and possibly unknown issues surrounding your health. During your first visit our goal is to give you every opportunity to have your whole body better, not just part of you.


Once we have prepared you and answered any of your questions, we will proceed with your examination where we will do a full check-up of your spine and nervous system. Our office’s primary focus is on the clinical biomechanics of posture, which means that your assessment will include a detailed posture exam. For the best results, we ask that you wear clothing that is comfortable but still forms to your body. Your entire spine will be tested through ranges of motion in order to analyze your current spinal function. From there the Doctor will decide on any specific orthopedic, neurological or muscle tests that may need to be performed. All physical testing in our office is meant to be done without pain.


If x-rays are necessary, we will provide you with a gown to change at the end of your examination. It is our goal to minimize radiation exposure the best we can, so the Doctor will only take the views that are absolutely necessary in order to assess your spinal condition. When your first visit is complete, we will bring you back up to the front desk where we will go over everything with you and schedule your next visit.

Please note: The doctor does not perform any spinal adjustments on your first visit, as it is crucial that they obtain all the necessary information and X-rays before recommending a unique care plan for you.

adjusting womans neckAfter your initial visit, the results of your examination will be thoroughly reviewed by the Doctor and prepared for you in a format that is detailed, but still simple and easy to understand. We want you to benefit not just from temporary relief of symptoms, but also for you to have the opportunity to discover the advantages of corrective chiropractic care.

Doctor’s Report

Your second visit is the most important visit that you will ever have in our office. At your DOCTOR’S REPORT, the Doctor will explain a detailed overview of how structural chiropractic care works and the scientific evidence supporting the specialized work that they do. We know that there is tremendous power in you fully understanding your spinal problem and how we will work with you to correct it. That is why the DOCTOR’S REPORT is detailed and very informative. All of our new patients attend this crucial report before they begin their corrective care process. Once the Doctor has explained and reviewed your initial examination findings and x- rays with you, they will outline personalized care plan recommendations for you. We do not believe in “hard selling”, so at that point you will be free to decide which option is best suited for you and how you would like to proceed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you check your insurance policy for chiropractic care coverage BEFORE you attend your DOCTOR’S REPORT. It is important for you to know and understand which fees you will be responsible for personally. You will be responsible for collecting all reimbursable chiropractic expenses from your insurance company. Our King's Town Chiropractic Life Centre team, when requested, will provide any required statements or receipts to you.

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Rest assured that here, you are in good hands. Your health is our #1 priority! Contact us today to book your first appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!

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